Project management by Nxt IT

Project Management

“The solution is just the start, let us ensure the desired outcome”

Effective project management and implementation relies on a number of factors, including understanding client requirements, clear communication and expertise in contract management.

Our project management services cover all stages of a project from concept to completion, including planning, scheduling and budgeting through to design, implementation and commissioning. We provide tailored project management solutions to address our clients’ needs on all projects, from system migrations and upgrades through to IT acquisitions and integrations.

Our key services include:

  • Design development
  • Contractor supervision
  • Implementation management
  • Contract advisory services
  • IT project management
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Feasibility studies

Why Nxt IT?

  • Precautionary controls devised to lessen unauthorised access to delicate systems and data.
  • Detective controls devised to inform unauthorised system and data changes through auditing surveillance and informing.
  • Administrative resolutions to address security protocols, systems and practices.

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Your IT Issues Require Modern Solutions

Take a step forward to determine why you need a managed IT solution.

  • Are you working with the most modern technologies that can tackle your IT issues and fulfil your business requirements?
    NXT IT incorporates remote facilities, and benefits your teams to collaborate and connect in real-time with the help of the most modern managed IT solution.
  • Are you prepared for the future challenges of your network?
    Managing your network isn’t just about fixing your current issues and maintaining your network working. It's better to have a managed IT service that looks to the future of your network to learn how your network should be handled.
  • Do you have the outright visibility of your network?
    Performance is only a part of the network that your network side requires to know for managing it. Managed IT services have insights on your network’s security, blind spots, and design adeptness, in order to get complete visibility of your network.

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Nxt IT Case Studies

Murrumbidgee Council
ICT Merger Project

On 6 January 2016 the Minister for Local Government referred 35 merger proposals to the Chief Executive of the Office of Local Government for examination and report under the Local Government Act. In addition to the NSW Government’s 35 original council merger proposals, a number of councils submitted their own proposals to undergo the same examination and reporting process as the existing proposals

On 12 May 2016 the Minister for Local Government, announced the newly formed “Murrumbidgee Council” through the acceptance of the Jerilderie Shire and Murrumbidgee Shire council proposal.
NXT IT was engaged as the System Integration Partner for the planning, analysis and implementation stages of a major, business-critical, merger project. The focus of the project was on the development, integration and implementation of a centralised system that would replace the multiple systems running in each location.

Amongst the first of the proposed mergers, Nxt IT’s role was crucial in the success of the project being delivered on time and in budget and can be considered a template for future local government merger projects.

Rural Funds Management Cloud Migration Project

Rural Funds Management (RFM) is one of the oldest and most experienced agricultural funds management organisations in Australia.

RFM realised they needed a cloud expert to help them address data security vulnerabilities and eliminate expensive hardware and infrastructure costs. Nxt IT is well-founded in cloud computing and cloud engineering, so RFM was confident to move forward with the project.

With company data in the Azure cloud and disaster recovery in place, RFM no longer has to spend time updating costly infrastructure or wonder whether critical data will successfully restore during an outage. With ongoing managed cloud IT support from Nxt IT, they can now focus on projects that will grow the bottom line while trusting Nxt IT to expertly advise on its cloud computing strategy.

“Having Nxt IT’s knowledge and experience was imperative to the success of the cloud migration and their continued support will be helpful moving forward. It’s nice to know I can lean on Anthony and the team and know I won’t be ignored.” -Amir Hajizadeh