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“Print with lower costs and greater productivity”

Organisations today need simple and productive ways to manage their business.
Nxt IT are your specialist Kyocera partner for the Riverina and ACT areas such as Canberra & Griffith.

Why Kyocera for Your Printer

Not all printer and multifunction devices are created equal. Kyocera design products with the end in mind to ensure they’re environmentally responsible, they’re durable and they cost you significantly less over their lifetime.

We’re Award-Winning at What We Do!

Our director Anthony Zamin was selected to attend the Kyocera Awards and came second place in the Asia Pacific finals after completing written and practical exams. We are proud to be lead by one of our region’s best Kyocera Technicians! Learn more about our awards here.


Nxt IT’s Managed Print Services (MPS) offer a cost-effective approach to managing print devices and supplies.

Why Nxt IT?

  • Precautionary controls devised to lessen unauthorised access to delicate systems and data.
  • Detective controls devised to inform unauthorised system and data changes through auditing surveillance and informing.
  • Administrative resolutions to address security protocols, systems and practices.

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Many users are experiencing cybersecurity risks from different sites and apps they use. The sad news is, perhaps you don't have any idea how this will affect your system security and the level of related risk. If you want to know whether you are at risk or not, we are here to help get it back.

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Your IT Issues Require Modern Solutions

Take a step forward to determine why you need a managed IT solution.

  • Are you working with the most modern technologies that can tackle your IT issues and fulfil your business requirements?
    NXT IT incorporates remote facilities, and benefits your teams to collaborate and connect in real-time with the help of the most modern managed IT solution.
  • Are you prepared for the future challenges of your network?
    Managing your network isn’t just about fixing your current issues and maintaining your network working. It's better to have a managed IT service that looks to the future of your network to learn how your network should be handled.
  • Do you have the outright visibility of your network?
    Performance is only a part of the network that your network side requires to know for managing it. Managed IT services have insights on your network’s security, blind spots, and design adeptness, in order to get complete visibility of your network.

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Only pay for the colour you use

Stop paying the same rate for printing your company letterhead as a full colour page.
With KYOCERA, your colour print costs are based on the actual usage of colour toner per page. This allows you to print more monochrome documents with company logos in colour, such as letterheads and invoices, at a fraction of the normal cost.
Use our savings tool to calculate how much you can save.

Since 1959, Kyocera has been developing progressive technologies. Utilising their expertise in the ceramics industry, Kyocera has developed printer drums that are 10-15 times harder than other copiers and printers. This feature enables Kyocera products to handle high work loads and ensure durability.
With nearly 70K employees in a variety of countries, the company works to build a culture of “Customer-First.” They pride themselves in continually pursuing excellence and always exceeding customer expectations.

Kyocera Case Studies

SITA Case Study

SITA Case Study

Our overall print costs were reduced by an impressive 33 per cent.

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TNT Express Case Study

TNT Express Case Study

The time and care Kyocera took to ensure our people were comfortable with the new technology was second to none. Their customer service has been excellent

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South West Alliance of Rural Health Case Study
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