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Nxt IT has an expert team of industry-accredited IT specialists who constantly hand over a superior Griffith IT Support service to our clients. They push themselves to hand out clients the most exceptional service possible. With technical backing from Griffith IT services, you can accomplish improved business operation by embracing smart technology with brisk problem analysis and solutions. Our commercially apprehensive team constantly hands over economical and productive solutions to expedite enhanced productiveness for our clients.

Our exceptionally flexible Griffith IT support services can be customised to address the distinct needs of your firm. By that, we can maximise the availability of both systems and software. Support services are available during normal working hours as accepted with premium packages citing availability for up to and covering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a detailed level of on-site response.

Why Nxt IT?

Nxt IT assure you Griffith IT support benefits to achieve your business goals

  • Our expert team takes time to recognise how you function, how you utilise technology, and we provide business guidance to assure technology which bolsters you to succeed.
  • We get to learn your business in-depth to hand over IT support which executes your goals.

Nxt IT provide swift services in Griffith, responding to each and every support calls within a few minutes

  • We make sure that your technology is consistently upholding your business, and we respond quickly to any issues when required, acknowledging all Griffith IT support requests in just a few minutes.

Nxt IT keen about your business data security to assure it is safeguarded 24/7

  • We are dedicated to ensuring your business is shielded against cybercrime by proposing and enforcing sturdy backup and damage recovery solutions.
  • We educate your employees to strengthen their capability to determine, and caution against, the most recent social engineering and hacking experiments.

Nxt IT is an award-winning and experienced IT support provider in Griffith

  • We have achieved one among the top 10 APAC region cloud consulting and services companies for 2019 from CIO.
  • In just 5 years, we have set up a benchmark of high standards for administering commercial Griffith IT support and advisory services throughout NSW and ACT.

About Us

Nxt IT is an independent Griffith IT support provider, managed IT services and cloud service provider to corporate companies, SMEs and public sector bodies throughout Australia.

We aspire to assist you to attain business expertise and success by realising financial software solutions, IT communications plannings or solutions that meet your requirements strictly. Meeting the expectation of our clients is our minimum goal. We strive continually, anyhow, to outperform expectations.

Nxt IT is a Griffith based IT support provider with a combined experience of more than 70 years and a company which is managing an estimate of 150 servers currently. Also, we are currently managing an estimate of 1800 workstations. Our mission is to provide you IT efficiency and business success through the advancement and distribution of proper business and IT solutions convenient and personalised to your business.

List of Services

IT Consultancy

We hand over superior level Griffith IT support for our customers. Good IT consultancy benefits you to take the proper resolutions and align your technology decisions with your business objectives.

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Managed IT Services

Nxt IT offers you stable, reliable and continuous systems you can rely on..Your support contract incorporates a committed specialist and account manager, assisted by swift response times when you connect us and limitless remote support. Because Nxt IT takes complete responsibility for all of your IT systems, we are the single point of connection for every IT-related disruption, breakdown or complexity.

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Cloud Services

You can expect our adept supervision in helping you find out your distinct cloud requirements. Easy to manage with and easy to perceive, our specialists speak your language: we take the time to expound every point so that you are consistently a part of the process.

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Cyber Security

We provide swift and efficient Griffith IT support around the clock, 365 days a year. Our cybersecurity team functions proactively and detects issues before they compromise your system. We also provide cybersecurity training for staff that actually works, to fend off your business being the victim of a harmful phishing attack.

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Document Printing Solution

Work collectively, remotely and safely with our document printing solutions. Centralising all of your data so that crucial data is easy to locate efficiently. Once all of your data is centralised; backup, remote working, business continuity, and production are all impacted. Our document solution assures that relevant data is easy to access and is necessary to achieve business efficiency.

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Hardware & Software Procurement

We provide a broad range of hardware and software procurement which includes the plan, installation, and assistance. Long established partner connections with prominent manufacturers, and suppliers favour us to cite a far-reaching product portfolio with the capability to source products as soon as possible.

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Project Management

Analysing and fixing issues in a project as early as possible is necessary to reduce effects on system operation and business productivity. Our project management team continually supervises and optimises your framework to lower risk and assist you to realise higher returns on IT investment.

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