cyber security

Cyber Security

“One single vulnerability is all a hacker needs” - IS YOUR BUSINESS SAFE?

Nxt IT offers services to help businesses ensure their data security and reduce their risk of data loss and exposure.

Cyber Security Solutions in Canberra ACT & Griffith NSW

Our assessment will enable you to define and adopt a more secure and regulatorily compliant position. We help customers address security changes at all levels of the organisation. Our services help you maintain your security and data integrity and keep you up to date on emerging vulnerabilities and risks.

Why Nxt IT?

  • Precautionary controls devised to lessen unauthorised access to delicate systems and data.
  • Detective controls devised to inform unauthorised system and data changes through auditing surveillance and informing.
  • Administrative resolutions to address security protocols, systems and practices.

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Many users are experiencing cybersecurity risks from different sites and apps they use. The sad news is, perhaps you don't have any idea how this will affect your system security and the level of related risk. If you want to know whether you are at risk or not, we are here to help get it back.

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Your IT Issues Require Modern Solutions

Take a step forward to determine why you need a managed IT solution.

  • Are you working with the most modern technologies that can tackle your IT issues and fulfil your business requirements?
    NXT IT incorporates remote facilities, and benefits your teams to collaborate and connect in real-time with the help of the most modern managed IT solution.
  • Are you prepared for the future challenges of your network?
    Managing your network isn’t just about fixing your current issues and maintaining your network working. It's better to have a managed IT service that looks to the future of your network to learn how your network should be handled.
  • Do you have the outright visibility of your network?
    Performance is only a part of the network that your network side requires to know for managing it. Managed IT services have insights on your network’s security, blind spots, and design adeptness, in order to get complete visibility of your network.

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Cyber Security Assessment

Nxt IT cyber security assessment helps you understand the cyber threats facing your organisation, and how you are placed to respond to them. The cyber threat landscape is dense, growing and often confusing. Nxt IT will provide an evaluation of the threats most relevant to your organisation and industry. We will also review any existing cyber strategies in place and their effectiveness against cyber threats.


  • Assessment
  • Product recommendation
  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Problem diagnosis

Cyber Security Services

We work with leading cyber security companies to ensure we are always up to date with the latest hardware and software to protect our clients.


  • Firewalls
  • Encrypted Flash Storage
  • USB Multi-Factor Authentication Security Keys
  • Network Filters


  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Endpoint security
  • Antivirus
  • Data Protection
  • Secure VPN
  • Mobile security